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About Us

20 Years of Experience

The basic principles of us, which has started to serve since 2016 are to provide honest, realistic and safe health services. We are striving to improve with more than 6000 free online consultations and more than 1000 satisfied patients with our specialist physicians we work with.

Of course, advanced hospitals and specialist physicians contribute to the service we provide in surgical and non-surgical medical fields, which are extremely wide and at the same time require experience.

As a dynamic and enthusiastic team, we are always improving ourselves to provide better service to you.

All our staffspeak fluent English, German, French, Rusian and Arabic.


Welcome! From the moment you arrive at the airport, our private driver will pick you up and it takes you to the airport, hotel and the hospital.


Your medical trip is perfectly scheduled! Our interpreters will be with you at the airport,hotel and the hospital. We will do all the logistics for you in order to ensure your comfort.


Your accommodation is booked! Our consultants will provide you a variety of hotels to pick. You can stay at wherever you want! Consulting is all free!


Our medical team will be at your service for a lifetime and answer all your questions and requests! We are always with you!

7/24 Support

You can message us for all your questions.

Yes, online consultation is free.

Please beaware for those who say yes to this. It may be worth the cost of your health falling from the treatment fee! We can certainly – help you with finding a nice hotel if you wish to stay after the surgery.

We can honestly present all the supporting documents so that you will receive a reimbursement from the insurance when you return to your country.