Aesthetic Filling

Aesthetic Filling

Aesthetic Filling

is a treatment method performed by applying composite and bonding materials of anterior teeth where aesthetics is at the forefront. The purpose of the aesthetic filling is to integrate the existing filling with the natural tooth surface and not be able to distinguish it.

The treatment can be completed in 30-45 minutes without being different from normal tooth tissue. At the beginning of the treatment, special local anesthetic sprays or gels are applied and after 2-3 minutes, the anesthesia process is completed with computerized anesthesia. Isolation of the tooth to be treated is provided, and the filling stages are applied sequentially. At the end of the filling, the closest result to the natural tooth can be obtained by applying special aesthetic polishing burs and discs.

Who Is Aesthetic Filling Suitable For?

Aesthetic tooth filling can be applied to people who need to repair broken and rotten teeth, treat permanent discolorations in teeth, close the spaces between the teeth, lengthen the teeth, and make a smile design by changing the shape of the teeth.

Why should I have aesthetic filling?

It is both an aesthetic and functional treatment method. Therefore, you can choose aesthetic filling.

Are aesthetic fillings durable?

Since it is made of highly durable composite material, there is no problem in durability, but it can be used as long as you perform regular oral care. Regular control and maintenance and polish should not be neglected.

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