Biscectomy (cheek aesthetics)

A thin face with clear lines means part of the ideal look for most people. Sometimes, due to the structure of the face and cheeks, a person can become overweight, even if he has an ideal weight. A bisectomy can be used to shape the face by removing excess fatty tissue from the cheek area without any external marks.

What is a Bishectomy?

Lightening bihectomy is an operation to remove excess fat from the cheeks in order to make the cheekbones more proportional.

To give the face a more attractive and proportional look, excess fat is removed with an incision made through the mouth, and the fat and excess weight that worries the patient is eliminated because it is preferred by Hollywood stars. Also called aesthetic facial surgery, it provides a thin and youthful look by exposing the cheekbones and making the face look thinner.

How is bisectomy, aesthetics of thinning cheeks performed?

With a bisectomy, that is, the aesthetics of thinning the cheek, an incision of about 1 cm is made on the inside of the cheek, fat is achieved in this area and about 40-50% of it is removed. After that, the small stitches that remain on the cheek are removed.

How long does a bisectomy surgery take? Is a bisectomy a painful operation?

This very simple and painless operation takes about 45 minutes. This can be done under local anesthesia, sedatives, or general anesthesia.

Who is getting a bisectomy?

Biscectomy is applied to people with a lot of fat on their cheeks and therefore with fuzzy facial features, whose face looks bulky, and who have thick and square features.

Preoperative considerations

As with all plastic and aesthetic surgeries, it is recommended to quit smoking and drinking alcohol at least a week before the bishectomy. It is very important for the healing process to go faster. In addition, drugs with blood thinning properties, such as aspirin, should not be used before surgery.

Recommendations after surgery

Since small stitches remain in the mouth after surgery, solid food should not be eaten on the first day. On the first day of surgery, the patient may have difficulty chewing and may damage the stitches when chewing. After feeding liquid food on the first day, you can start light solid food from the second day, and then you can start solid food. The mouthwash should be used within three days after surgery. The stitches are hardly noticeable after cheek surgery. Care should be taken to cleanse the mouth to avoid contamination. After a few days, the stitches on the cheeks melt and disappear. All tenderness in the cheeks also ends.

Most patients can return to social life immediately after surgery. The clear results of the operation will appear in three weeks.

Swelling and swelling after bisectomy.

After aesthetic treatment of the cheeks, swelling and swelling around the surgical site occurs for 2–3 weeks. Ice packs keep swelling and swelling to a minimum.

When should a bisectomy be performed?

This procedure can easily be done by anyone who has thick, square or round facial features due to fat in the cheek area, who do not have excess weight, but only lubrication in the cheek area, proportional and aesthetic features.

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