Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

So what is BBL (Buttock Fat Injection)?

Buttock aestheticsisfat injectionto give the hips a more upright and aesthetic appearance withor silicone prosthetic implantsa surgical operation performed.The method to be applied in the operation is determined according to the body structure of the patient. The method that will give the most natural result is the butt shaping process with fat taken from the body for some patients, and silicone prosthetic implants for some patients.

The female body has been one of the most important elements of aesthetic perception as a subject for sculptures and paintings for centuries. In particular, the hips are embedded in the social subconscious as one of the attractive elements of the female body in many societies.Brazilian Butt LiftHip shaping operations, also known as the(BBL), are an alternative that provides successful results for women who experience dissatisfaction by thinking that their hips are low or smaller than they should be. In addition to the physical change, women who have butt aesthetics have a more self-confident posture and a more confident attitude.

Who can be Brazilian butt lift candidates?

  • Those who have a loose, low, and unvoluminous butt,
  • Healthy people without a medical condition that may prevent healing and surgery, People
  • Those who have realistic goals for the results of this surgery who
  • maintain and ensure to maintain a healthy lifestyle with appropriate diet and exercise,
  • Non-smokers or reduce smoking Those who supply can have a Brazilian butt lift.

Buttock aesthetic methods

Butt aesthetics with silicone prosthesis Silicone prosthetic implants are generally preferred in buttock augmentation operations, but can also be used in lifting operations. The structure of the silicone prosthesis used in hip aesthetics is different from the silicones used in breast aesthetics. In the lifting process, which is carried out in accordance with the body ratio of the person, solid silicones with minimal fluidity are used. Silicone prosthesis application is a lifelong application, but it is a method that increases the self-confidence of the person.

The operation performed with general anesthesia takes about three hours and the patient can return to his routine life within a week. In the operation, incisions are made in the coccyx where the two halves of the butt meet. Special pockets are created in the intramuscular region on both halves of the butt. Silicone implants are placed in the created pockets. The border between the prostheses and the surrounding tissues is determined by special capsules. The patient can stand up 24 hours after the operation. Although it is a bit challenging to sit for the first week or two after the operation, the patient can sit comfortably in a short time. It is beneficial to avoid excessively compelling and tiring actions for a while.

Butt aesthetics with fat injection

by fat injection(Brazillian ButtLift-BBL),taken from different points of the body, lift the fatty tissue of or a method of injecting into the hip with magnification objective. It is not possible to use adipose tissue taken from a different person in any of the operations involving fat injection. The application, which is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia, generally takes around 1 and a half hours. In the fat injection operation, which is a newer application compared to other methods, the injected fats disappear by 20%-30% within 1 and a half years. The rest is long lasting. It can be performed in combination with other applications involving fat injection.

After the operation, the patient is required to wear a special compression garment resembling a corset for the recommended period (usually 2 weeks). The patient can return to daily routines and work 3 days after the operation, provided that it is not too tiring and challenging. It is quite normal to have edema and bruising for 2 weeks in the area where fat was removed after the operation. Postoperative effects begin to disappear spontaneously after 2 weeks. Lipoinjection operations are an operation with very efficient and satisfactory results, as it involves removing fat from one part of the body and thinning that region, and injections of a different region into the desired shape.

How long does the permanence of butt aesthetics with fat injection last?

After the surgery is completed and the desired appearance is achieved, 70-80% of the fat will remain in the hip area for the rest of your life. 20-30% of it will melt. Fat injection is planned by foreseeing this melting. However, if you lose weight after the surgery, the fat injected into the butt will melt. Therefore, it is important to be at your ideal weight during the surgery. In some people, injected fat may melt more than expected. In such a case, the procedure may need to be repeated. Like other tissues in your body, the fat placed on the butt will age and grow with you. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important.

  • Duration of Surgery: 2-3 Hours
  • Hospitalization: 1 day
  • Recovery: 10 Days

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