Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

The beautiful smile design created by dentists using digital technologies is called digital smile design. Digital smile design is based on in-depth analysis of the patient’s teeth and face ratio due to the use of digital design software.

With the help of the advanced digital program, the dentist aims to create a natural and beautiful smile by ensuring harmony within the patient’s gums, lips, teeth and face. Since each person’s smile is unique, a patient-centered approach is adopted.

Advantages of Smile Design?

  • More natural-looking facial jaw-worthy teeth are obtained.
  • The colors of the teeth will be clearer.
  • Gums gain a healthier appearance.
  • Beautiful shining teeth, smile is achieved.
  • Fractures in teeth are corrected.

How should the smile design be?

Your smile is not fabricated; should be tailored just for you. Your smile line should be in harmony with your jaws and face.

How to make a smile design?

Your intraoral digital scanning and professional dental photography records are completely transferred to digital media. Using today’s latest technologies, your 3D digital design is created for you, taking into account all your data and demands.

What is an aesthetic smile?

During the smile of the person:

  • lower and upper lip curvatures, nose, eyes and general facial features,
  • pink aesthetic (gingival appearance),
  • the number of visibleratios, the
  • symmetrical
  • teeth and theirperfect harmony of each tooth both within itself and with each other (golden ratio)
  • compatible with age and gender It is a body oftooth anatomy

harmonies created specifically for the person, taking into account the.

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