Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

ENT (ear, nose and throat) diseases

Ear Nose and Throat Department (ENT) covers all age groups middle ear, outer ear, eardrum, nose, throat, vocal cords, upper part of the esophagus and facial nerve diseases and inner ear. It is a surgical medicine department that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies between the brain.

ENT (ear, throat and nose)

1. Throat diseases:

Inflammation of the larynx (laryngitis);

Inflammation of the pharynx (pharyngitis);

Tonsillitis in acute form (tonsillitis);

Chronic tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils).

2. Ear diseases:

Hearing impairment;


3. Diseases of the nose:

Chronic rhinitis;





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