Forehead Lift And Eyebrow Lift

Forehead Lift And Eyebrow Lift

Forehead lift and eyebrow lift

Due to the contraction of the muscles in the forehead, wrinkles and depressions appear on the forehead transversely and vertically between the eyebrows over time. Again, the forehead area begins to relax and sag as it cannot resist the influence of time, as described in the section on facelift. Sagging causes the outer part of the eyebrow to slide down, preventing the eyes from opening fully, making the person look tired and old. This can be seen earlier in people who use their muscles harder to express their emotions more intensely.

The Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift operations primarily have a rejuvenating (more precisely, a young demonstrator) effect.

Forehead lift and eye contour aesthetics. More successful results are achieved, but noticeable improvement can also only be achieved with a forehead and eyebrow lift surgery.

Forehead lift surgery is most often required for middle-aged and elderly people. The demand of people is to remove the old image and make it more alive. There are many non-surgical methods for a brow lift. Among these, a thorough examination and a good assessment of the patient’s expectations are necessary in order to find the most suitable one for the patient.

Recently, the method of hanging from a rope has become very popular. Although its long-term results are less successful than conventional surgical methods, it is preferred due to its practicality and an alternative for patients who are afraid of surgery, which is less invasive compared to classical surgical methods.

The forehead and eyebrow lift surgery takes about 2 hours under general anesthesia. In the classic method, the incision made behind the forehead line is moved downward and a stretching process is applied to remove excess skin. Since the surgical scar will remain on the scalp, this is usually not a problem, but there may be long-term loss of sensation in the surgical site.

With an endoscopic forehead lift, fewer incisions are made compared to conventional surgical procedures, and therefore fewer scars are left. However, its use is limited and insufficient in cases requiring deep correction.

Temporary bruising may appear after surgery. In this regard, it is helpful to apply ice.

As we said, when forehead and eyebrow lift operations are combined with eyelid aesthetics, their effectiveness is greatly enhanced.

The risk of a forehead and eyebrow lift

Surgeries usually take place without complications, and serious problems are not expected, with the exception of classic surgical complications. Possible complications include bleeding, infection, uneven skin lines, poor scars, and asymmetry.

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