Gastrıc Balloon

Gastrıc Balloon


Gastric balloon is a balloon that is placed in stomach endoscopically and enables the patient to get full early and comply with the diet by taking up space in the stomach. Overall, gastric balloon therapy significantly reduces your portion size and helps you meet your long-term weight loss goals.


Gastric balloons have many types. These are 6-months, 12-months balloons. In this respect, we decide in pre-interview on which type of balloon is suitable for you in terms of patient compliance and to ensure required weight loss. Our purpose is to ensure that you have the healthy body you have dreamed of, free from the extra weight.

While 12-month-old balloons can be inflated in 3-month periods to prevent adaptation of the stomach to the balloon; 6-month-old balloons are not suitable for inflation.

Staying longer than required increases the risk of balloon bursting. Timely removal of the expired incoming balloon is recommended. For patients who cannot lose enough weight, repeating the balloon procedure may be considered.

Who can have Gastric Balloon?

  • Patients between the ages of 18-65 whose Body Mass Index (Body Mass Index) is between 30-40 kg/m2 and who could not lose weight with trials such as exercise, sports and diet.
  • Patients whose BMI 40-60 kg/m2 and aged 18-65 who have not been able to lose weight with trials and additionally have fear of surgery or risks.
  • Patients with a BMI above 60 kg / m2 who need to reduce the risks of anesthesia and surgery before surgery and are considered suitable for use. For them, a gastric balloon can be applied.


The gastric balloon is applied endoscopily. Processing time is approximately 20-25 minutes.

First of all, using an endoscopic camera, your abdomen is checked for any discomfort, such as an ulcer, that interferes with the procedure. If no abnormalities are observed, a balloon made of soft, flexible silicone elastomer is deflated and placed in the stomach. When the balloon enters your stomach, it fills with blue fluid through a small filling tube (catheter) attached to the balloon and the procedure ends. The balloon begins to float freely in the stomach.

It is applied under sedation to make the procedure comfortable and the patient wakes up immediately after the procedure. After a two-hour follow-up at the service, patients are discharged.

Will the Gastric Balloon Always Stay in My Stomach?

Gastric Balloon is temporary as a procedure. The balloon is usually removed after a period of 6 and 12 months. This process is determined according to the targeted weight determined by the patient and the doctor. After the patient loses the determined excess weight, the gastric balloon is removed from the stomach endoscopically.

How Does Gastric Balloon Make You Lose Weight?

The gastric balloon procedure simply provides weight loss by indirectly restricting the amount of food taken into the stomach by the balloon that takes up space in the stomach.

Are The People Who Have Gastric Balloons Satisfied?

People who have gastric balloon usually consist of patients who have tried various methods to lose weight and have managed to lose weight with a gastric balloon. Therefore, patients who have undergone gastric balloon are generally satisfied.

What are the Advantages of Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon, which is seen as the last solution before surgery, is preferred because it is an application with a high satisfaction rate and a low risk of complications.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With a Gastric Balloon?

It depends on you. You are usually expected to lose 15% to 20% of your total body weight within 6 months.

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