Jaw Aesthetics

Jaw Aesthetics

What is jaw aesthetics?

The chin is one of the most important factors in determining the basic proportions of the face. The structure of the jaw, which forms the lower third of the face, is extremely important in terms of the basic aesthetic attitude and basic proportions of the face. Chin appearance; This is closely related to the aesthetics of the mouth and neck area, especially the lower lip. The side view of the chin strongly influences the lateral profile of the face, the appearance of the neck and forehead. Strong jaw structure; By making a person healthier and more dynamic, a weak chin structure negatively affects the aesthetics of the face.

In aesthetic jaw surgery, the upper and lower jaws can move as a unit forward / backward / up / down or rotate on a circular axis. Only the tip of the chin can be pulled forward or backward, the tip of the chin can be pulled downward, the tip of the chin can be pushed back and reduced. The tip of the chin can be enlarged with dentures. Various injection procedures can be used to thin the chin-tip fat pad. Such applications can be done not only on the tip of the chin, but also on the “corner” parts on the sides. It can usually be combined with surgeries that affect the profile of the face, such as chin aesthetics, rhinoplasty and neck aesthetics.

Who is chin tip aesthetics suitable for?

Jaw tip aesthetics can be applied to people who have no problems with closing their mouth and teeth and who have a healthy dentition. When there is an unwanted image only at the tip of the jaw, only the tip can be corrected without affecting the jawbone.

What are jaw aesthetic techniques?

Jaw prosthetics operations

This is the general term for operations in which the tip of the jaw and / or the angle of the jaw is enlarged and developed using synthetic implants (prostheses). Various materials can be used as a chin prosthesis, such as silicone, medpor, goretex. Dentures are inserted through a 2–3 cm incision made under the chin or through the mouth and are usually fixed to the bone with 1–2 small screws. When used intraoral, there are no visible scars on the skin as the stitches are inside the mouth. In under-chin appliqués, an incision is made in the skin, but this incision remains in the shade under the chin and does not attract much attention in everyday life.

Due to the ease of use of chin prostheses, we often combine this approach with procedures such as rhinoplasty and neck aesthetics. It is especially preferred for stretching and enlarging the chin forward. Because chin restorations can sometimes create a masculine appearance in female patients, care may be required in the decision-making process.

Jaw displacement

Jaw tip displacement, also known as “genioplasty,” means cutting the bone at the tip of the jaw and replacing it. In this operation, the tip of the chin is made by an incision through the mouth or under the chin. A horizontal incision is made in the bone at the tip of the jaw. The cut bone can be moved forward / downward / sideways / backward. It is fixed in a new position with a titanium plate / screws. With this technique, the tip of the chin can be moved 6-8 mm forward. The biggest advantage of the chin tip lift (genioplasty) compared to implant / prosthesis treatment is that it allows the chin to be extended and extended not only forward but also slightly downward.

Chin surgery can be performed in the same way, and the chin bone can be stretched and shortened. In people with a very prominent jaw bone, this bone can be filed away. In these operations, we generally prefer to make an incision through the mouth.

For orthognathic surgery

In some jaw deformities, there is an incompatibility of the lower and upper jaws in terms of tooth alignment and occlusion. We call orthognathic surgery operations that correct the occlusion of the teeth, move the jaw forward or backward as a whole, and thus shape the face. Orthognathic surgery is a complex operation that is preferable for cases where the upper or lower jaw is positioned forward or backward, long or short, genetically and depending on development. During these operations, long incisions are usually made in the mouth, and the bones are moved in their entirety and propelled forward. After these operations, screws with a titanium plate are fixed, and in most cases the teeth are attached to each other using special wire systems.

These operations offer the most ideal option in terms of aesthetics and functionality, their execution and preoperative / postoperative processes are quite complex. Orthognathic surgery may require several years of treatment with orthodontic braces.


jaw Deformities of the jaw tip can be seen in simple forms that do not require surgery, or in less severe forms. For example, if there is an age-related decrease in chin fat mass, you can restore the volume of the chin fat pad by using

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