Jowl Aesthetics

Jowl Aesthetics

What is jaw aesthetics?

In humans, facial deformities and the effects of aging can usually be hidden with makeup tricks. However, you don’t have that chance of sagging and wrinkling in the chin area.

This can only be corrected by the aesthetics of the jaw. Thanks to this effect, you will feel and look younger than you really are. Effects such as excessive fat, sagging and wrinkles on the jaw, which covers the area from the bottom of the chin to the neck, make a person look older than their age. Everyone can obtain the ideal jaw aesthetics through various aesthetic methods, depending on the degree of jaw deformation.

How is the tickling area assessed?

The jaw covers an area that extends from the chin to the lower part of the neck. Since this area, which is necessary for a young face, is parallel to the chin, there should be no sagging on the chin when viewed from the opposite side. It makes the person look older. This effect is a phenomenon that negatively alters the perception of the face as a whole. While it is possible to hide deformations in another area of the face with makeup, the jaw is not suitable for these tricks.

The structure of the jaw area

When the general characteristics of the body are assessed, the thinnest muscle in the body covers the jaw from one end to the other. This muscle’s job is to maintain some of the facial expressions. The jaw is the most affected area in terms of weight gain in the face and weight loss in the back.

Therefore, it has a structure that is influenced by external factors. Even if you have good skin structure, facial expressions and weight loss can lead to sagging in the chin area. Due to frequent gaining and losing weight in those with weight problems, the aesthetics of the chin may deteriorate.

This effect is associated with a decrease in body water content with age. In addition, even in young people, because the extra weight has a greater effect on the jaw due to gravity, it can have a sagging effect. The deformity caused by the relaxation of the muscle surrounding the jaw can only be removed with surgery.

How many years does jaw aesthetics make a person younger?

The most obvious area that rejuvenates a person with aesthetic facial surgery is the jaw. Due to the aesthetics of the jaw, patients are rejuvenated by 5-15 years.

At what age is double chin surgery performed?

Laser lipolysis and classical liposuction methods are usually used for chin deformities that occur at the age of 30 years. In chin aesthetics, after 50 years, chin stretching is performed. For minor effects, liposuction is performed under local anesthesia. Using the laser lipolysis method, the jaw skin is tightened. The fat cells under the jaw explode and are absorbed by the body.

The weakened skin is tightened at the same time. The operation to stretch the jaw, performed by surgery, lasts 1.5-2 hours. This method is suitable for jaws that have loosened in old age. This is where excess skin collects behind the ear.

Is jaw aesthetics challenging?

The process is not as difficult as people might fear. Voice quality and speech are not affected by the techniques used in double chin aesthetics, and there is no loss of facial expressions. Depending on the degree of jaw sagging, a laser lift can be applied to patients. After the procedure under local anesthesia, patients are discharged on the same day.

When should i interfere with sagging jaw?

Deformities are easier to eliminate when the jaw begins to sag, that is, with early intervention. In the case of increased sagging and loosening, problems that can be solved with a little intervention are replaced with large problems that can be solved with complex operations.

After aesthetic chin surgeries, patients can return to normal within 3-5 days if laser lipolysis is applied, within a week if fat removal is applied, and within 10 days if a chin lift is applied. When the jaw is operated on during the operation, the patient can carry out normal activities after 5 days. With laser lipolysis and fat removal methods, patients do not leave scars. With double chin lift surgery, a small scar may form behind the ear or inside the hair.

Are the results of double chin surgeries permanent?

In the field of plastic surgery, jaw surgery is one of the most successful aesthetic applications. The results of this persist over the years. Patient behavior and habits are effective here. The fact that the patient does not gain weight after surgery and often does not follow a diet increases the resilience of the surger

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