What is microinjection (ICSI)?

Microinjection is an insemination method used in the treatment of male infertility problem.

Patients with low sperm count, low sperm motility or sperm structural disorders can be successful with the microinjection method.

In IVF treatments, two different methods are used in the fertilization phase in the laboratory. These are the classical in vitro fertilization method (IVF) and microinjection method. While the first treatment stages are the same in both applications, the only difference between them is the fertilization stage. In the classical in vitro fertilization method, the egg and sperm cells are left in the same environment and the sperm cell is expected to fertilize the egg by itself. In the microinjection method, the best sperm cell is selected with IMSI or Microchip and injected into the egg, thus increasing the chance of fertilization.

What are the Advantages of Microinjection (ICSI) Technique?

Compared to the classical in vitro fertilization method, the probability of fertilization is much higher in the microinjection technique. Microinjection, which is used instead of IVF in patients with low sperm count and quality, offers a healthy pregnancy opportunity.

To Whom Is Micro-Injection Applied?

Those with advanced sperm count, motility and morphology disorders: ICSI should be performed instead of Conventional IVF in those with sperm count below 5 million/mL.

Azoospermia, that is, men who have no sperm in the sperm analysis: Sperm are obtained directly from the testis or epididymis by PESA/MESA/TESE/TESA or Mikrotese methods. Even in very few numbers, mature sperm (spermatozoa) obtained in this way can be used for ICSI.

Couples who have not previously been fertilized with the Conventional IVF method (total fertilization failure).

embryos will undergo pre-implantationgeneticCouples whosediagnosis.

To increase the chance of pregnancy in some selected patients (couples with less chance).

Today, ICSI is routinelyin many centersIVFperformed on all patients undergoing.

How is microinjection (ICSI) different from in vitro fertilization?

Microinjection is used in male infertility and in vitro fertilization is used in female infertility.

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