Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

What is Maternity Makeover (Mommy Makeover)? Why is it done?

We apply combined aesthetic operations to many mothers in order to eliminate the deformations that occur especially in the breast and abdomen areas after pregnancy. Until recently, women did not express these problems and accepted this as a “necessity of motherhood”. However, these changes create problems that can lead to depression in women, and this problem can also be reflected in other members of the family.

During pregnancy, the mother’s body focuses on the growth of the baby. During this period, women gain weight mostly from the abdomen and hip regions. Generally, 10-14 kilos are gained during pregnancy. After birth, mothers knock on the door of plastic surgeons more often due to reasons such as breastfeeding, hormonal changes, maternal stress, insomnia, and the body’s loss of vitality.

There is no single surgical solution that can be applied to every mother. Since each woman’s body reacts differently during the process of becoming a mother, the operations we perform differ. The most common combined operations in the United States are “mommy makeover” operations. The mother’s body is revised, a kind of rewind is applied. After the operation, our patients are discharged after an overnight stay.

For whom is maternity aesthetics applied?

Maternity aesthetics is applied for women who have the following postpartum problems;

  • Breastfeeding, birth and discharged inside the chest due to excessive weight changes in women
  • breasts hanging women because breastfeeding
  • the abdominal muscles and loosening and cracks occur in women
  • Base, arm and having more fat in areas such as legs of women

for motherhood aesthetics childbirth and breastfeeding period ending women is applied.

How is maternity aesthetics applied?

Many different operations can be applied together for maternity aesthetics. The duration of the operation varies according to the number and duration of these operations. The duration of the operation is between 3 hours and 5 hours on average. The operations to be performed can be explained as follows;

Breast aesthetics; It is applied in the form of breast lift or breast augmentation because the breasts are deflated or discharged. In addition, breast reduction surgery can be performed for women who experience breast enlargement due to mobility and weight gain.

The aim of the surgery for breast lift is to restore the sagging breasts and gain a more upright appearance. The scars caused by the incisions made in the lower part of the breast take on the same color as the skin over time.

Breast reduction surgery, on theother hand, is applied to eliminate problems such as breasts that grow over time, causing pain by pressing on the back and waist, difficulty in choosing clothes and restriction of activities. In addition, as a result of the breasts becoming different from each other, it is possible to look the same and equal thanks to this aesthetic operation. The procedure is completed by removing excess tissue and fat from the breast. Since the suture marks will remain under the breast, they are not visible from the outside and appear in the same color as the skin after a while.

tummy tuck surgery;It is applied in order to remove suture marks and re-collect sagging abdominal skin in cesarean deliveries. Mini tummy tuck surgery is performed to remove excess fat from the abdomen and to obtain a flat stomach.

Liposuction, on theother hand, is applied to the arms, legs, hips, abdomen and face areas where there is excess fat in the body. In the face area, only the excess fat in the neck is removed. With this operation, despite diet and sports, the excess and stubborn fats still remaining in the body are removed.

Vaginal aesthetics, on theother hand, are operations applied to recover sagging vaginal lips after normal delivery and weight gain. With the reduction of the inner lips of the vagina, the vagina is narrowed.

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