Nose Filling

Nose Filling

Nose Filling

Nose filling is an application developed as an alternative to aesthetic operations in some cases. If the person does not have very large deformities, the desired appearance can be obtained with the filling process. Thus, positive results can be obtained very quickly and painlessly without surgical intervention. The most effective method used in nasal filling is “Hyaluronic acid” filler. With this method, which does not contain any side effects and harm, the filling process is performed comfortably.

How is nose filling done?

The procedure consists of filling the nasal tissue, applying an anesthetic cream, usually for 15-20 minutes, and then injecting it into the key areas determined by the surgeon and the patient, thereby achieving aesthetic improvement. The injection usually takes 5-10 minutes and is performed in a clinical setting.

Who Can Have Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is performed on patients with different complaints. The following appearances in the nose area can be corrected with nasal filling;

  • Curvature on the back of the nose
  • appearance of a small or large arch in the nose
  • Low tip of the nose
  • Sagging of the tip of the nose

It can also be used for revision rhinoplasty The common use of nasal filling is also applied for patients who have undergone rhinoplasty but need revision rhinoplasty for minor corrections. Nasal filler injection may be a good option for such patients. It can be applied to camouflage imperfections or add volume to areas with tissue loss. Nasal filling is a suitable option for every adult who is in good general health and does not have an excessive deformity in his nose.

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