Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy

The ozone therapymethod is applied to increase the oxygen intake of the damaged area. Ozone gas, which plays an important role in human health, is used for the benefit of the body. It accelerates the circulation of the diseased area and ensures that it reaches the required level.

Thanks to this therapy method, the immune system of the individual is also strengthened. This therapy method, which is also beneficial in delaying aging, is also used in many diseases. This method is evaluated according to the extent of the disease. It is more preferred in cases such as acne scars, blemishes, wound or burn treatments on the skin.

Thanks to the ozone therapy applied to rejuvenate the skin, you can achieve a brighter and younger skin. The ozone method is used in case of aging of the skin, which shows faster aging due to age and stress.


  • increases the release of oxygen from red blood cells to the body’s tissues.
  • It provides more oxygen to the cells.
  • It increases the production of ATP in the mitochondria of each cell.
  • It stimulates oxygen metabolism.

How is Ozone Therapy Applied?

  • Ozone can be introduced into the body in various ways. It can be mixed with gases or liquids and combined with blood, or injected intravenously (directly into veins) or subcutaneously.
  • It can be applied via the rectum, vagina or into muscle tissue and joints.
  • Topical approaches limb bagging (controlled gas bath) and may contain ozonated water or oils.
  • Autohemotherapy and insufflation techniques can be used. Your doctor will advise you on the most suitable dose and application method for you.

All routes of administration treat systemic, local or both. While systemic treatments benefit the body as a whole, local applications treat a specific area.

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