Pink Aesthetics

Pink Aesthetics

What is Pink Aesthetics?

One of the sub-criteria for a smile design is the condition and condition of the gums. Gum aesthetics, that is, pink aesthetics, includes applications, procedures related to healthy gums and their level suitable for a smile. For a flawless smile, the gum must be in harmony with many factors, such as lips, jaw, tooth shape, tooth color, tooth adhesion level, length and size of teeth.

Who does the pink aesthetic apply to?

  • People with more visible gums
  • People with too high gums
  • People with an increased gap between teeth
  • People with swollen or inflamed gums
  • People whose gums have lost their natural color

What are the stages of pink aesthetics?

For an aesthetic surgery, first of all, the gums must be healthy. It has a shiny and grainy appearance, reminiscent of an orange peel. If there is a problem with the gums in patients who want to have it, it is first eliminated and then the procedures begin.

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