Porcelain Lamina

Porcelain Lamina


Lamina porcelainis aused to change the color, form and position of the anterior teeth with a special bonding techniqueporcelaintype ofrestoration.thethat imitate the natural teeth, thelaminatesThanks todesired smile can be achieved in a very short time.

How Are Porcelain Laminates Made?

First of all, the smile design of our patient is determined. Along with the photographs and films taken, studies are carried out on the models obtained from the patient. A smile design is made by evaluating factors such as the patient’s age, gender, lip form, face shape. These studies are evaluated together with the patient, and laminates prepared from composite material are tested in the patient’s mouth, and at this stage, the patient has information about the form of the restoration. The doctor and the patient decide on the final form of the tooth by making the necessary corrections on the composite restoration. Necessary preparations are made on the tooth surface and the patient immediately begins to use their temporary restorations. After the porcelain proofs are made and sorted, they are adhered to the tooth with special adhesives that bond very strongly to the tooth structure. Final corrections and polishing are done in the mouth.

When is porcelain laminate veneer applied to the patient?

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Dentistry editing problems (slight cavities, sections, midline shifts)
  • Fractures in teeth
  • Erosion on tooth surface
  • Non-aesthetic old restorations
  • Dimensional and spatial problems in teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Problems with

Do porcelain lamina teeth fall out?

Adhesion values of today’s bonding technologies are very high. If the physician acts in accordance with the technical sensitivity in the application, you can use your laminates as your own teeth.

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