What is vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty,vaginal narrowing or surgery,vaginal tightening also known as surgery, as a result of the deformation undergone vagina is an aesthetic operation aimed at narrowing the vagina. With vaginoplasty, people regain their old aesthetic appearance and successful results are obtained after the operation. The enlargement of the vagina gives negative results to the person and greatly affects his sexual life. To get detailed information about vaginoplasty, you what is vaginal can read our article on tightening.

How is vaginoplasty done?

The vaginoplasty purpose of surgery is to remove the expanding tissue and tighten the tissue around the vagina. Vaginoplasty operation is performed in two ways, surgical and laser method. The most preferred method for vaginoplasty operation is the laser method and it offers a painless and painless procedure to people. To get detailed information about laser vaginoplasty operation, you to make how laser vagina can read our article on tightening.

Who is Vaginoplasty Applied to?

Vaginoplasty surgeries are applied to people who do not have health problems for surgery.

The people to whom the surgery is commonly performed are listed as follows;

  • People with genetic enlargement of the vagina
  • People who have given who have had multiple births
  • People who had a birth too many times
  • People very difficult birth, people with ruptures at birth to Those who have urinary incontinence problems duevaginal enlargement
  • People who cannot enjoy enough during sexual intercourse
  • In some cases of sexual reluctance

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